Proven DNA! Faithful to the basics of bass fishing in any situation.
Built to various specifications, this model allows anglers to use any lures with ease and provides excellent capability to respond in a way that suits each point. Applying the fast action, the basic feature of bass rod, it enhanced the strength of backbone. The blank, reinforced with CTX(Carbon Tape X-Warping), is held firm to provide powerful backbone in any points. Adopting the Fuji guide, it further increased the durability. The real seat adopted the new smart seat(NS01C), a unique feature of NS rods, which sets this model apart from others.


FUJI VSS 16 / Adopted for N·S smart seat(NS01C)

Two-grip in the lower grip part / Rubber cork was adopted for butt cap

Applying the CTX, it provides ultra-high strength and highest sensitivity

S-652L (Grip 180mm)
This model was designed to allow anglers to target and land the fish with greatest finesse. It has the advantage of blank action very well suited for control of light fishing tackle such as down shot, neko rig, no sinker, ned rig, jig head, etc. Moreover, it provides delicate sensitivity.

S-672ML (Grip 200mm)
This model was built to a specification faithful to the basics of bass fishing spinning rod and is suitable for even more powerful finesse fishing. It is optimized for operation of various fishing tackle such as down shot, neko rig, jig head, etc., and provide even more powerful spinning rod experience.

C-652ML (Grip 230mm)
This model, built to a specification for finesse fishing with bait rod, allows anglers to apply slightly more powerful finesse technique as compared to the spin fishing. It provides excellent action even for soft baits such as down shot, Texas rig, no sinker, neko rig, free rig, top water and shallow crank minnow jerking. This model provides unique blank action.

C-682M (Grip 245mm)
This model provides standard blank action for bass fishing, allowing anglers to operate any type of fishing tackle. It enables operation of pilot lures such as spinner bait, shallow crank, vibration, and all-weather lures such as top water, Texas rig, rubber jig, etc. This model is indispensable when only a few fish can be landed due to the portability problem in walking fishing. For anglers, it will prove its real worth as an all-around rod for bass fishing.

C-682MH (Grip 250mm)
It is key model in the HURRICANE-X series and a core rod optimized for various lures and any points. The strong blank, reinforced with CTX, is held firm without twist even when the hook is set powerfully during the cover fishing. It can use the lures of up to middle-weight swarm bait and eliminates fear of anglers towards powerful cover field.

C-712H (Grip 275mm)
This model is a powerful rod for power fishing users. It is optimized for big baits of magnum class and heavy lures. Moreover, it is very well suited for rubber jig cover fishing and adopted the CTX-reinforced blank, providing a unique blend of high strength and high sensitivity. This model satisfies the requirements of cover fishing, the symbol of bass fishing.

C-742XH (Grip 290mm)
This model has the advantage of high strength. It is optimized for middle weight or heavier lipless swarm bait and designed for targeting the big bass under very complex floating cover. The strong resilience of the blank increases the driving distance when heavy lures are cast. So, it turns the impossible into the possible.







Top/ Bottom

Lure wt.

LINE wt.



Retail Price

S-652 L

1.96 2 101 102 1.4 10.8 1/16~1/4 4~8 8 180 160,000

S-672 ML

2.01 2 103.5 104 1.5 11.2 1/8~3/8 4~10 8 200 165,000

C-652 ML

1.96 2 101 120 1.4 11.3 1/8~1/2 6~12 9 230 165,000

C-682 M

2.03 2 105 125 1.5 11.9 3/16~3/4 8~14 9 245 170,000

C-682 MH

2.04 2 105.5 131 1.7 12.4 1/4~1 10~20 9 250 175,000

C-712 H

2.16 2 112 143 1.9 12.6 3/8~11/2 12~25 9 275 180,000

C-742 XH

2.24 2 116 152 2.2 13.9 3/8~21/2

P.E 50~70

9 290 185,000


※ CARBON 99%
※ Designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements